Documentary Wedding Photography

Photography that allows you to enjoy your day completely

What is Wedding Photography?

The real story of your wedding from a guests-eye point of view
A Documentary Wedding Photographer will tell the story of your day.
It allows you to spend all your time with your friends and family!
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The Details Count.

Does a wedding photographer take photos of dresses? Do they photograph the details of your day?

Yes, of course. Wedding photojournalism is about telling the whole story of your wedding, and the details are part of that. Details such as locations and table decorations are all essential elements of the wedding day too.

Weaving the tale of your Wedding Day.

Wedding Photography, for me, is about weaving the images together to tell the tale of your wedding.

This genre of wedding photography has several different names;

wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography and reportage wedding photography.

I don’t believe there is any difference between the names generally, apart from, perhaps, what the bridal magazines see as the fashionable way to describe natural, storytelling wedding photography.

However, as a Wedding Photographer, I love photographs like this:

For me, an image has to have context and tell a story.

The photograph above, taken at a beautiful wedding in Kaunas captures the feelings of friends enjoying the moment.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I have a hands-off approach to shooting.

It manifests itself in you having honest memories of the actual events of the wedding day. I want you to look back at your photographs and be taken instantly back in time.

Why are moments precious?

Almost all memories are derived from images of our past. Some of our earliest interactions with the wonder of photography will have been scratchy prints developed at the local chemist or supermarket. These memories resonate with us because they take us right back to exact moments in time.

Often the story of the day commences well before the wedding ceremony.

Photographing Bridal Preparations gives us a glimpse into those often funny, sometimes anxious, but always imports early moments of the day.

Allowing moments to evolve.

In years to come, the memories of your wedding will be wrapped up in the photographs. It's essential for me that I allow these micro-stories to evolve naturally.

Some questions you may have about Wedding Photography Style

Will Photographer help us with Posing and Locations?

Yes. We definitely will help you with poses and selecting best locations for the perfect photoshoot.

What does a Wedding Photographer shoot?

An excellent documentary wedding photographer will photograph all the moments throughout the day. They are concentrating on the proper use of Light, Composition and Moment. The moments captured will be candid, and often fleeting, resulting in an authentic record of the wedding day. Most definitely we will ask, would you like to have personal photoshoot and for that we will dedicate something like two hours at your desired location. At which time we will take astonishing photos!

What is Bridal Prep Photography?

Bridal Prep Photography is when the photographers spend some time with the bride before the wedding. It usually entails photographing the last stages of makeup, and hair preparation as well as pre-wedding nerves and excitement. Not all brides wish to have this part of the day shot.

Will Documentary Wedding Photographers do Group Shots?

Yes. Will set aside some amount of time for family group shots. It is usually a small part of the day, allowing the photographer to shoot candidly for the rest of the day.

Is Documentary Wedding Photography Black and White?

Photographers will give the colour and black and white wedding photography. Often it is said that more emotive photographs lend themselves more to black and white, but the colour is an essential part of any wedding celebration.

Why is Documentary Wedding Photography Popular?
Documentary Wedding Photography has become more popular recently. It is partly because the tastes of wedding couples have changed dramatically in recent years nd its more about the enjoying that day, spending time with your friends and family then posing in front the camera

These are the moments that you may never even realise happened.

Photographing weddings is a passion of mine. I always try to capture these incredible tender moments, subtly and with the integrity of the wedding.


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